Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Glance

Recently I started CCNA on American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). Although my first impression about CCNA was that it is a hard nut to crack, as I went through the course, it seemed that it’s quite interesting and a little careful understanding is all it takes, thanks to the wonderful online material that CISCO offers. When I was preparing for the final exam, I tried to make simple notes about the topics so that I need to remember very little of things and solve all the problems analytically. So here is my beginners guide to CCNA.

At this moment, CCNA is divided into two curricula:
• CCNA Discovery - for general computer users
• CCNA Exploration – for students in IT and networking
I will be discussing CCNA Exploration but as CCNA discovery deals with the same concepts with less technical and engineering stuff, so it should be equally appropriate.

CCNA Exploration is dived into four major parts:
• Network Fundamentals
• Routing Protocols and Concepts
• LAN Switching and Wireless
• Accessing the WAN

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  1. It's great! I am looking for something like this forever!!!
    One request: Could you plz change the template? This template is good for reviews with lots of photos etc. But if I want to read it more seriously, the readability becomes an issue...y'know we always have dark and bright pages on a book that dictates our reading experiences. Plz chose a template with a wider and brighter text space...
    Good luck with the new blog...I'll link it in my blogroll shortly...